Dartford 2

Dartford 2

Anti Fatigue Mats Bubble mat end section without yellow border

Bubble design rubber anti fatigue standing mat providing maximum relief for those whose jobs require prolonged periods standing i.e. Assembly lines packing stations cash desks milling machines/lathes-oil area mail rooms shop counters industrial work areas

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Features & Specification

  • Features:

    • Bubble top
    • Bevelled edge on 3 sides
    • Connectable edge on 1 side


    • Aids grip
    • Trip reduction edge
    • Connect to end of long runs
    • Ensures long runs have bevelled all round
  • Code:

    eusp505 bm end



  • Weight:

    5.20 KILO


    36" x 28"x 16 mm

  • Applications:

    Assembly lines, packing stations, cash desks, milling machines/lathes-oil area, mail rooms, shop counters, industrial work areas.