Deck Drainer 9

Deck Drainer 9

Anti Fatigue Mats

These antifatigue mats are ideal for use in commercial kitchens such as returants and public buildings. They are available in a range of compounds to suit the use and come in either black or terracotta, see the features list for this part numbers details.

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Features & Specification

  • Features:

    • Bevelled edge
    • Nibbed back
    • Holes in top surface
    • Raised octagonal ridges
    • Terracotta


    • Good drainage
    • Easy access via bevelled edge
    • Prevents liquid pooling
    • Antifatigue effect
  • Code:




  • Weight:

    9 kilo(20LB)


    3' x 5'x 1/2"

  • Applications:

    Commercial kitchen areas used in hotels,resturants, and public buildings. Also used in areas which are wet or require debris to fall thorugh such as gargages and workstations.


    10% nitirle