Bax Scrubb ™

Bax Scrubb ™

Ideal to exfoliate two hard-to-reach areas of the body, your back and feet, while you are showering or bathing.

Invented by a former landscape gardener, who after years of hard work began to suffer from sore shoulders due to tendonitis. She had to find a way of cleaning her back without reaching over her head. After using a face exfoliating pad she decided that this type of product would be a great idea for her back , if only she could fix it to her shower wall, this is when the BaxScrubb was born. The BaxScrubb is available throughout the USA .

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Features & Specification

  • Features:

    • Rubber base
    • Suction cups
    • Exfoliating pad
    • Available in various colours.


    • Cleans and exfoliates
    • Your back
    • Your shoulders
    • Your elbows
    • Your feet.
  • Code:



    Pink,Blue,Green,Tan, Cream



    12" x 12" x1 "

  • Applications:

    Wet it and press it onto the shower floor. Drizzle liquid soap or rub bar soap, directly onto the pad. Rub your feet against the pad for up to 20 seconds, then rinse your feet thoroughly before stepping from pad, to avoid slipping.




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