Kerela Rubber Coir 2

Kerela Rubber Coir 2

Rubber base with iron grill design pattern coir insert.

Coir is the fibre extracted from the outer husks of coconuts. When coconuts are harvested, the hard fibrous outer husks are collected for weaving coir. The outer husks are tied in nets or formed into rafts and weighed down to sink into the lagoons of the coastal area of Kerala in India. The husks remain submerged in the lagoons for up to 9 months, where various natural processes soften and lighten the husks. The process is called "retting". The husks are then removed from the water and beaten with wooden mallets to separate the coir fibre from the outer skin. After drying in the sun, the fibre is spun on spinning wheels. The spun fibre is then twisted into yarn and supplied to weavers. Weaving is done by mechanical and chemical process to save time and effort. Coir is then woven into various kinks of doormats, matting, rugs and geotextiles. Fibre mats however are not made from yarn ,but from tufts of fibre, inserted into a woven base. Coir products can be given a rubber or latex backing for additional strength and grip. All the mats in our range have a rubber backing base to strengthen the products.

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Features & Specification

  • Features:

    • 6mm coir.
    • 2mm Rubber.
  • Code:




  • Weight:

    1.3 kilo


    45cm x 75 cm x 8mm

  • Applications:

    At the door entrance to homes


    Rubber and Coir