Yeovil 6

Yeovil 6

Natural Rubber Yoga mat base with a micro fibre attached to the surface

Features: 1. Made of resin from rubber tree, biodegradable 2. Recyclable, friendly to the environment, 3. Cloth adhesive to NR without glue 4. Soft, flexibility, and good memory character. 5. Open cell structures provides better traction and cushioning. 6. Excellent anti-slip than the other yoga mat. 7. Pass RoHS and EN71#3 by SGS Test 1. Microfibre provides soft touching and natural rubber offers excellent grip and traction. 2. Could be in traveller desisn, light weight and easy to carry on 3. Sweat absorption, good for hot yoga.

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Features & Specification

  • Features:

    • Microfibre on top
    • Natural rubber base
    • Natural rubber can be of various colours
    • Available in various sizes such as
    • 24" x 68" x 1mm or 1.5mm or2mm or 3mm or 4mm
    • 24" x 72" x 1mm or 1.5mm or2mm or 3mm or 4mm.
  • Code:



    Blue,Purple,Red,Grass Green.




  • Applications:

    Used to practice Yoga where ever you are , at home, yoga class, sports club, school or oustide enjoying the fresh air.


    Tpe and micro fibre