Yeovil 5

Yeovil 5

Natural Rubber Yoga mat with a flax mesh adhered to the surface for additional strength

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Features & Specification

  • Features:

    • Made of resin from rubber tree, biodegradable
    • Cloth adhesive to NR without glue
    • Open cell structures
    • Excellent anti-slip
    • .Mesh of Flax and cotton on top / NR for base
    • Natural rubber can be different colour


    • Recyclable, friendly to the environment
    • Soft, flexibility, and good memory character
    • Provides better traction and cushioning
    • Pass RoHS and EN71#3 by SGS TestNR / Flax & cotton
    • 9Natural feeling
  • Code:



    Blue,Purple,Red,Grass Green.




  • Applications:

    Used to practice Yoga where ever you are , at home, yoga class, sports club, school or oustide enjoying the fresh air.


    Nr and Flax surface