Wragby 3

Wragby 3

EVA Yoga Block 500mm x 150mm x 50mm

EVA yoga blocks have a hardness of 70D~75D, and provide more stability and supports. They are available in a range of colours and can have logos printed onto them. 3 standard size are available but custom sizes can be produced to meet your requirements. These are recyclable and environmentally friendly.Other items made with our EVA include • Kung Fu mat ( Aikido )• Wrestling mat• Tae Kwon do protector• Judo mat • Gymnastics run-up mat• Sport crushproof mat• Paintball Direction guiding mat

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Features & Specification

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    500mm x 150mm x 50mm

  • Applications:

    Used to practice Yoga where ever you are , at home, yoga class, sports club, school or oustide enjoying the fresh air.



  • Hardness:

    50 shore