Calbrese stable mats 3

Calbrese stable mats 3

Rubber Trailer mat with diamond pattern one side and bubble on reverse

The Calabrese mats comprise 10mm thick solid base section with a 16mm diametre x 5mm high round stud design on one side and diamond texture on the other. Can be used either stud design down for drainage or stud size up for maximum slip resistance. Typical areas of application are gymnasiums, weightlifting areas, stable/cow parlour, breweries and other industrial applications

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Features & Specification

  • Features:

    • Bubble pattern
    • Diamond reverse
    • Square edge.


    • Easy drainage.
    • Enhanced grip.
    • Butts together.
    • Rreduces the strain from standing.
    • Reduced bedding required.
    • Increased insulation.
  • Code:

    Bison 3



  • Weight:

    29 Kg


    48" x 68.5" x 1/2"(122 cms x 174 cms x1 2.75 mm)

  • Applications:

    Used on stable and trailer wall