Octo Drainer 3

Octo Drainer 3

Wash-Down mats made with grease resitant material, making it idea for machinery wash down areas.

This is an ideal mat for washing down , all sorts of machinery and livestock, from washing down ATV's to cleaning hoofs of horses,cattle etc. They enable the washing to be carried out without the ground beneath becoming muddy as it allows the water to drain away.

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Features & Specification

  • Features:

    • Large Hexagonal design
    • Raised nibs on revers


    • Hard wearing
    • Slip resistant
    • Good drainage
    • prevents ground becoming muddly
  • Code:




  • Weight:

    19.5 Kg


    100 cms x 150 cms x 22 mm

  • Applications:

    Wash-Down areas for ATV's, dirt bikes , horse hoofs, animal wash areas and work areas , milking parlours and sheds.


    Rubber 10% Nitrile