Wide Bar mat with bevelled edge and 14mm nibbs base.

This new bevelled edge mat has been produced to answer the request of many customers . This wider version of the traditional bar mat enables easier use in busy bars when multiple drinks are ordered at a time. The 14mm depth with the flat top nibbs enable it to catch a good volume of spills before having to be emptied. The flat nibbs offer a more stable surface for long stem glasses. This is also now being more widely used in retail outlets on their counters . Prevents spills getting onto the worksurface, especially useful in bars and resturant. Many retailers use these on their counters.

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Features & Specification

  • Features:

    • Bevelled edge.
    • Flat top nibbs.
    • Wider profile than tradional bar mats.


    • Flat nibbs aid stbility for long stem glasses.
    • 14mm depth catches spills.
  • Code:



    Black as standard, other colours available

  • Weight:

    1.1 kilo


    10.5" x15.5" x 14mm

  • Applications:

    In bars and clubs