Ring Drainer 3

Ring Drainer 3

Anti Fatigue Mat with lagre drainer holes

The compos range of mats are so designed to allow liquid to draine through thus reducing the risk of slippage. They have a ridge design on the top surface allowing additional grip. These are ideal in comercial kitchens such as public authority buildings and resturants. The black ones are uses also in out door areas where grass is allowed to grow through but secure footing is required such as the entrance to golf clubhouses and boathouses.

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Features & Specification

  • Features:

    • Holes in surface
    • Ridge top patterm
    • Nib base


    • Good draineage
    • Scraper surface ridge
    • Aids Grip
    • Reduces surface liquid pooling
  • Code:




  • Weight:

    3.3 Kg


    40cms x 81cms x 23mm

  • Applications:

    Commercial kitchen areas used in hotels,resturants, and public buildings. Also used in areas which are wet or require debris to fall thorugh such as gargages and workstations.