EPDM Granules 65

EPDM Granules 65

Peroxide cured EPDM granules for use on sports fields and courts

Available in 3 standard sizes, 1.5~1.5mm ,1~3mm and 1~4mm. The 0.5~1.5mm are ideal for spray top finish whilst the 1~3mm and 1~4mm are ideal for wet pour applications. There is a standard range of 14 colours which allows for intricate patterns to be achieve.• Full Pour System this is a 13mm Olympic standard track system in multiple layers • Sandwich System Mid range consists of a two-layer system the 10mm SBR base is topped with a 3mm EPDM top coat. • Spray Coat System For low cost applications 10mm SBR base ,which is then spray with a top coat of EPDM granules. • Dual Layer System Premium Product with top coat 8mm SBR base

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Features & Specification

  • Features:

    • Peroxide Cured
    • EP content 20 +/-0.5
    • Bulk Density 740 +/- 10
    • High UV resistant pigments used
    • UV resistant shrink wrap


    • Brighter Colours
    • Better UV reistance to fading
    • Stonger Stability
    • Lower compression set.
  • Code:



    14 standard colours



    0.5~1.5mm or 1~3mm or 1~4mm.

  • Applications:

    Sports courts and fields


    EPDM Peroxide cured

  • Hardness:

    Shore a 65 +/-5

    Specific gravity:

    g/cm3 1.56 +/-0.03

  • Tensile strength:

    Mpa >4.0


    % >450